This blog is a space for personal self-expression, but it’s a space about ideas.

I won’t post purely social things or updates on my personal life, but beyond that most everything is fair game.

Some posts will be on topics I know something about, but some posts will be totally speculative. Some posts will be adapted from things I’ve shared on social media, other posts will just be for the blog.

I’ll indicate which posts are which at the top of the post with a statement on my epistemic status when writing the post and a brief clarifying sentence (this technique is borrowed from Otium, a much better blog).

This is a personal blog and not a professional personal website or online portfolio. I still reference it on some professional materials I’d like to give people I interact with professionally the chance to get to know me through my writing, if they want to.

In addition to writing, I do some graphic design and data visualization, mostly on global health and development. I may occasionally post things I’ve made, but I only when I’m sure the design belongs to me and not to an organization that I designed it for.

If you’d like to contact me privately, you can email me at admin@ckbyrd.com. My social media accounts are also linked in the menu at the top of the main landing page.



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